Wagamama Lovin'

Wagamama Lovin'

DATE PUBLISHED: 15/02/2017

Valentine's: A time for roses, candlelight and champagne. However, give me a Wagamama's and I'm anyones.

This Valentine's Day I treated my very soon husband-to-be to a slap up meal, courtesy of Wagamama. Although, I would say that it was more for me!

On a busy night, we were sat down very quickly and the drinks order taken. Now, to the menu!

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My other half and I are suckers for starters and usually order enough for what would be considered a main meal. But we restrained ourselves to pick one each, to share. Rich picked the chilli squid and I chose the duck gyoza, which is served with a plum dipping sauce.

Whilst looking through the menu further (for the one hundreth time ever), I also found my mind being lead astray by the curry choices. I am very much a creature of habit and usually stick to what I know, which is either the Seafood Ramen or the Teriyaki Chicken Donburi - both safe and scrumptious. But tonight, whether it was the night or my belly just telling me to feed it, I found myself perusing the curry dishes. I am not the most brave lady when it comes to spice or chilli, but they had a fabulous option of a mild coconut infused curry with rice, which was right up my street. It was called the Prawn Raisukaree: a mild, coconut and citrus curry, with prawns, mangetout, peppers, red and spring onions and served with white rice, a sprinkle of mixed sesame seeds, red chillies, coriander and fresh lime. Heaven!

Rich also found himself going off-piste. Usually he would opt for a noodle dish, but he found himself in the Donburi section; a bowl of rice with lots of options of toppings. His final decision was made on the Yasai Cha Han Donburi; stir-fried brown rice with prawn and chicken and vegetables, egg, mushrooms, mangetout, sweetcorn and spring onions and served with a side of japanese pickles.

If you're not familiar with how Wagamama works, as it is all cooked fresh, the food will come to you as it's cooked. So, my duck gyoza was first up and I must say a complete delight. Tucking in, the batter was crispy from being deep fried and the centre was full of flavour and cooked to perfection. The plum dipping sauce topped it off nicely with a bit of zing.

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Secondly came the chilli squid, a few minutes later. Crispy and spicy, these pieces of squid were cooked lovely. They were accompanied by a dish of chilli and coriander dipping oil. Rich was in his element and this is about as spicy as he gets.

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Our mains didn't come out together, but were only a few minutes apart. I had made the perfect choice and Rich had major food envy! It looked stunning and tasted spectacular. I was thoroughly happy with my choice and the spice was just right - it was not blowing my head off!

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Rich's, although not as pretty, was majorly delicious. Packed with flavours that you wouldn't consider at home, this offered a real treat. (Genuinely forgot to photograph his dish, as I was scoffing my own!)

At this point, it was good to note that although the restaurant was busy and full, we never at any point felt rushed or like we were taking too long. Something that I really appreciate in a restaurant. Although the food is cooked really quick, we had a really leisurely meal.

Finally came dessert - my favourite of all the courses! There was alot to choose from, but already starting to feel stuffed, I opted for something light and fruity to finish off. Coconut Reika is a fusion of coconut ice cream topped with a passion fruit sauce and coconut flakes. Well, it knocked my socks off. It was truly scrumptious and I could have eaten is by the barrel load. Rich even came in for a few spoon fulls, when he is not a dessert, let alone a fruity dessert man.

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So, for two drinks, two startes, two main courses and one pud to share, this fabulous meal came to just £42! We couldn't believe it!

With all the other lovely food choices in the arc, Wagamama always leaves me feeling completely satisfied and happy. It is something different and as it's cooked fresh, it really can't be that bad for you, can it?

We would completely recommend you pay a visit - but mastering the chopsticks is down to you!