Vegan at Wagamama

DATE PUBLISHED: 28/08/2019

You may have heard that Wagamama's have bought out a vegan & vegetarian menu and when I caught wind of this I knew I had to pay a visit to find out what it's like. It had also been quite a while since my last Wagamama's visit so I was looking forward to seeing what's new on the menu.

First off I just want to say how great it feels to be able to go to a big chain restaurant and be able to see a solely veggie and vegan menu. This really does make all the difference when dining out and it also makes it so much easier to see what's suitable for you. When looking at this menu I was also impressed by the amount of choice for both vegetarians and vegans. More often than not you expect maybe one or two vegan options but to see so many was really exciting!

For a starter, or a 'side' as they like to call them, we chose the Vegetable Gyoza which I have had before and knew I liked. These are really tasty and out of all the gyoza's I have tried in the past these are definitely the best in my opinion.The dipping sauce is also really good and full of flavour.

It was quite a decision choosing what to have for our mains as I was tempted by all of it but on this occasion I was most in the mood for the Yasai Pad Thai.

My Pad Thai was so delicious and thankfully the tofu was exactly how I like it - quite crisp on the outside and bouncy on the inside!

We were pretty stuffed after all of this so we didn't go in for any desserts.But there was a fantastic selection.