Do you speak wagamama?

Do you speak wagamama?

DATE PUBLISHED: 13/03/2020

Ever looked at a wagamama menu in total bewilderment - what on earth’s a gyoza? Don’t worry, wagamama have put together a helpful guide to learning the lingo. Take a little read, so that, next time you visit, you can confidently say you know your shichimi from your ponzu.


= delicious soya beans steamed in their pods. Pop them out of the pod straight into your mouth!


= a popular japanese noodle dish combining wheat noodles in a meat -or fish- based broth. Ramen is usually topped with spring onions and other vegetables for freshness and flavour!


= japanese dumplings, made by wrapping thinly-rolled dough around meat and vegetables. Gyoza may be fried or steamed and are often served with a dipping sauce.


= a traditional japanese spice mixture. Wagamama make theirs with 7 secret ingredients.


= a citrus-flavoured sauce often used in japanese cuisine.


= traditional korean side dish of pickled vegetables.


= a sweet soy marinade that gives meat and fish a rich flavour and succulent shine.


= thick paste that provides a deep, earthy flavour to many traditional japanese meals. Miso is made by fermenting soya beans.


= japanese for ‘vegetables’. When you see ‘yasai’ on the wagamama menu it usually means the dish is vegetarian-friendly.