Bank Holiday Nature Explorers

Bank Holiday Nature Explorers

DATE PUBLISHED: 21/05/2020

Another bank holiday weekend is just around the corner and, after weeks of being told to stay inside, we’re all looking for things to do out in the fresh air whilst still observing the latest lockdown changes. We also want to make the most of the warm weather that is gracing us at the moment as, let’s be honest, we don’t get a lot of it!

So put those trainers on and step outside, because we’ve created a game of Nature Bingo for the whole family to take part in. Search your local park, or wander along the beautiful Suffolk countryside and see if you can spot the nature listed on our bingo card. When you have found a line’s worth, shout “BINGO!” Then see who can be the first to find everything on the card!

The fun doesn’t stop there…

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do in the garden, why not create your very own Hedgehog Hotel?

All you need is:

A cardboard box, a wooden box or a wooden crate

A plastic sheet or plastic carrier bag (a bag for life is best)


Dry grass or straw

Twigs or dry leaves

Then follow these steps:

Cut an entrance hole in the front of the cardboard box and 2 air vents into the sides (1 on each) - this allows air to flow through

Then find a place for your box in your garden - preferably near a hedge and south-facing

Next, carefully open up your carrier bag with a pair of scissors (make sure you remove the bag’s handles) and lay this over the top of the box to make it waterproof

Put your dry grass and/or straw inside the box for the hedgehogs to get nice and cosy in

Finally, cover the top of the hotel with twigs and dry leaves to blend it in with the hedge